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Welcome to MedAssistant Clinic, your trusted private medical clinic located in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. We understand the unique healthcare needs of individuals with ADHD, and we’re here to offer you specialised ECG (Electrocardiogram) services to ensure the safe administration of ADHD medications. Our ECG services are designed to provide you with comprehensive reports that enable your prescriber to make informed decisions about your ADHD treatment.

Why Choose MedAssistant for Your ECG Service?

At MedAssistant Clinic, we take your health seriously. Here are some reasons why you should consider our ECG services for ADHD patients:

  1. Specialised Care: We understand the specific requirements of ADHD patients and tailor our services to meet your needs.
  2. Experienced Staff: Our ECGs are performed by fully qualified staff with extensive experience in conducting ECGs, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  3. Thorough Review: All ECG reports are meticulously reviewed by our medical staff to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your cardiac health.
  4. Convenient Location: Our clinic is conveniently located in Glasgow City Centre, making it easy for you to access our services.
  5. Safety First: Safety is our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that your ADHD medications are prescribed safely, and ECGs play a crucial role in this process.

Don’t compromise on your health – choose MedAssistant Clinic for your ECG services. We look forward to providing you with the care and attention you deserve.

Understanding the Importance of ECGs for ADHD Patients

ADHD medications can affect heart rate and blood pressure. As a result, prescribers often require ECG data to assess your cardiac health before initiating medication. An ECG records the electrical activity of the heart, providing vital information about its functioning.

How Our ECG Service Works

  1. Scheduling: You can easily schedule an appointment for your ECG by contacting us through our booking system on our website. We offer flexible appointment options to accommodate your busy schedule.
  2. Friendly and Comfortable Environment: Our clinic is designed to be comfortable and welcoming. We understand that individuals with ADHD may have specific needs, and we strive to create a calming and supportive atmosphere.
  3. Expert ECG Procedure: Our qualified staff will perform the ECG, ensuring accuracy and professionalism throughout the process.
  4. Thorough Analysis: The collected ECG data is carefully reviewed by our experienced medical team to produce a detailed report.
  5. Comprehensive Report: You will receive a comprehensive ECG report, which you can share with your prescriber to assist in the decision-making process for your ADHD medication.

Contact MedAssistant Clinic in Glasgow

Taking care of your cardiac health is essential before starting any ADHD medication. At MedAssistant Clinic, we are here to help you with this critical step in your treatment journey.

Contact us today to schedule your ECG appointment and take a step towards safer and more effective ADHD management. Our experienced and friendly team is ready to assist you in your journey to improved well-being.

Don’t compromise on your health – choose MedAssistant Clinic for your ECG services. We look forward to providing you with the care and attention you deserve.

Additional Services for Your ADHD Assessment

In addition to our specialised ECG services, MedAssistant Clinic offers a range of supplementary assessments to support your ADHD provider in making well-informed decisions about your treatment plan. These additional assessments can be conveniently added to your ECG booking, providing a more comprehensive evaluation of your health.

  1. Height and Weight Measurements: Understanding your height and weight is crucial for determining your Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI helps assess your overall health and can be valuable information for your healthcare provider.
  2. BMI Calculation: Our team will calculate your BMI based on your height and weight measurements, giving you and your provider an essential health indicator.
  3. Blood Pressure Measurement: Monitoring your blood pressure is vital, as certain ADHD medications can impact it. We provide blood pressure measurements to ensure your safety during the medication assessment process.

Comprehensive Health Assessment with Basic Blood Tests

In our commitment to ensuring your overall health and safety during your ADHD medication evaluation, MedAssistant Clinic offers the option to include a Basic Screen Blood Test in your assessment. These blood tests can provide crucial insights into your health and are often requested by ADHD providers as part of the assessment process.

Basic Screen Blood Test Includes:

  1. Full Blood Count (FBC): This test provides information about the different types of blood cells in your body and can help identify various disorders.
  2. Liver Function Tests: These tests assess the health and functioning of your liver, which can be important in the context of ADHD medication.
  3. Kidney Function Tests: These tests evaluate how well your kidneys are functioning and can help determine if they are capable of processing certain medications.
  4. Lipid Profile: This test measures cholesterol levels and can indicate your risk of heart disease, particularly important when considering ADHD medication.
  5. Glucose Levels: Monitoring your blood sugar levels is essential, as it can influence treatment decisions and ensure safety.

Adding the Basic Screen Blood Test to your assessment provides a more comprehensive understanding of your health and can help your ADHD provider make informed decisions.

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Visited yesterday 12/03/2024 . Great service , everything was explained well and all questions were answered . Brian spent time going through different recommendations and routes to enhance the clarity of what needed to be done . Got Vitamin D injection , easier than tablets daily . Would definitely return for future treatments . Enjoyed the visit very much , felt valued and listened to . Thanks Brian .
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Excellent service, very friendly and very professional, would definitely recommend
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So glad i found this place. I needed to check my kidneys health urgently and no chance thorugh NHS. Professional personnel, proactive in suggesting the right kind of tests without pushing for unnecessary ones, and received results within 48hrs, sent to my email. So no guesses or second hand results by phone. Very good
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I had a really good experience and for the first time had no bruises from getting bloods taken. The nurse practitioner was very good and put me at ease.
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Got an appointment within the hour and the results within the following hour. Excellent care provided by Brian. I would not hesitate to use this clinic again.
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Same day appointment. Facility is spotless and professional. Brian was attentive and knowledgeable and respectful of my anxious situation. Went over and above to get me results, which came in about midnight (!), next day. Rates are fair and reasonable, compared to other places. Highly recommend. Will be back as needed.
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Prompt service to get a medical carried out for one of our colleagues. Would recommend.
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Excellent service felt very well cared for unlike another private clinic that I used in the past. I asked alot of questions which were answered very professionally. They gave me exactly what I was looking for which is hard to find in the area. The clinic is very affordable which I needed. Well done med assist and good luck for the future.
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I had bloods checked and received a professional fast service. I had the bloods taken and the results were emailed to me the next day.
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Booked online and got a same day appointment, service was really good, and Brian the nurse was informative and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

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